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Planning a field trip? Our 2015-2016 Education Guides are now available.Are you ready to PARTY? Click Plan a Visit for details on the coolest Birthday Parties in town.
An Adventure in Play

Discovery Place KIDS aspires to maximize the whole child by providing extraordinary and rich play experiences that value imagination, fun and learning. Learn more.

Upcoming Events

Sensory Concoctions - Tuesdays & Thursdays Town Hall

Let’s use our eyes, noses and fingers to make mess this month! We’ll use our mixing skills to stir up some fun at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at Town Hall.…

Mix and Measure - Saturday October 10, 2015
Mix and Measure - Sunday October 11, 2015


Who helps your community to be a safer, healthier place? September 03, 2015

Who helps your neighborhood to grow and thrive? Who helps your neighbors to stay connected or prepare for the day ahead?

Our theme this month is Community Helpers. Join us throughout September as w