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An Adventure in Play

Discovery Place KIDS aspires to maximize the whole child by providing extraordinary and rich play experiences that value imagination, fun and learning. Learn more.

Upcoming Events

Amazing Animal Senses - Sunday May 24, 2015 Town Hall

Did you know animals have special senses like we do? Butterflies use their feet to eat and spiders have eight eyes! Learn more about animal senses this weekend and participate in an activity related to the five senses. Join the fun at 2:00 p.m. at…

Animal Art - Saturday May 30, 2015
Animal Art - Sunday May 31, 2015


Amazing Animals: May activities explore the world of wildlife May 07, 2015

Throughout May, we're discovering the wonderful world of animals. Join us as we journey through the ocean and explore marine life, investigate different types of arthropods, discover animal senses and